Our Goal - Optimal Industry

Elimination of human error with industrial automation


Today, industrial automation has brought speed, accuracy and quality along with greater safety.

Purchasing advice

The best and most efficient choice with the advice of our experts and specialists

Advanced Systems

Providing advanced systems in the field of industrial automation in accordance with the latest technology in the world

Expert Engineers

Feel safe in your choice with the support and support of our experts

Project consulting

Offer the selection of the system and the cards required for your project by our experts

Our mission

By providing an optimal automation system, we give you speed, accuracy, quality and increase production

Progress in production does not happen by chance

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About Our Industrial Company

We started our continuous activity in 1995 in Tehran. Our main activity is in the field of industrial automation. We can offer these products :

  • Touch ScreenSupply and installation
  • Industrial ComputerWith different size and speed
  • Industrial ChassiesSize 1 to 5 units
  • Industrial MonitorIn a variety of sizes and models
  • Data AcquisitionVia the requested port
  • Industrial Memory FlashWith desired volume and speed
  • 3D PrinterPLA Technology
  • Industrial KeyboardRackmount & Desktop
  • ThinClientSmall and silent
  • accessoriesRelated accessories

Previous projects completed :

In the past years, our specialists have successfully completed many automation projects using our products.

These projects have been carried out in the oil, computer, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, textile, railway and several industrial universities.

Your satisfaction is our first goal

Our other services are:

Supply of parts

This company offers the best products by representing AXIOMTEK, ICOP, AMT,... and EAGLE companies.

Repair and upgrade

Repairing or upgrading old systems will save you a lot of money

Touch screen repair and replacement

Replacement and installation of touch screens on HMI devices, monitors and panels of industrial computers


Our partners in big cities are ready to serve you.

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